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Trade Unions in Bangladesh Essay

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Trade unions in bangladesh and its impact Presentation Transcript • 1. TRADE UNIONS IN BANGLADESH AND ITS IMPACTSubmitted By:Md. Omar Faruq Chowdhury -045 12601 Submission Date: 28th November 2012 1 • 2. Contentsa. Definitionb. Causes of organizing trade unionsc. Objectivesd. History of Trade Unionse. Limitationsf. Positive impactsg. Negative impacts:h. Present Scenarioi. Suggestionsj. Conclusion 2 • 3. Definition-Trade Union is an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve commongoals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, achieving higher pay, increasing thenumber of employees an employer hires, and better working conditions.-An organized association of workers in a trade, group of trades, or profession, formed toprotect and further their rights and interests.-A group of employees in a particular sector, whose aim is to negotiate with employees overpay, job security, working hours, etc. using the collective power of the members.-The most common purpose of these associations or unions is “maintaining or improvingthe conditions of their employment”.

3 • 4. Causes of organizing trade unions• Provision of benefits to members: professional training, legal advice and representation for members is still an important benefit of trade union membership.• Industrial action: Trade unions may enforce strikes or resistance to lockouts in furtherance of particular goals.• Political activity: Trade unions may promote legislation favourable to the interests of their members or workers as a whole. To this end they may pursue campaigns, undertake lobbying, or financially support individual candidates or parties.• Conditions of employment and any grievances – are settled through trade unions.• Bargaining rights: Trade unions bargain and ensure the status, rights, wages and demands of workers of the modern world of industry.• Contribution in economical growth: Trade unions are growing rapidly in an economy because of the expansion of business and economical growth.

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4 • 5. ObjectivesTrade unions are the only way to manage, compliant, and control the labor force. Lots of objectives arethere to organize trade unions.1. To defend or improve the wages and working conditions of workers and to bring about a change inthe economic order.2. To strengthen their (labor) bargaining power collectively to establish and achieve all their rights.3. To dully protect all other interest of the workers .And from the management’s point of view theobjectives as written:a. To reduce the number of negotiation.b. To specify work rules, disagreements and grievances to give the better solution to workers claim.c. To establish the efficient communication between the employers and management to enforce the predictable standards.d. To enhance the overall organizational effectiveness workers can also be sometimes inspired to form and organize trade union. In fact, objectives of a trade union are not defined; rather these are changing according to the need of the economy and overall industry. When these objectives are not settled then the rivals are started.

5 • 6. History of Trade Unions-The British rulers introduced Trade Union Act, 1926. The main purpose of the Act was to provideregistration for trade unions and in certain respects. But the Act did not contain any provisionregarding strikes.-In 1929, the Trade Disputes Act put restrictions on strikes in public utility services and laidprovision for the establishment of tribunals to adjudicate upon the labor disputes.-In 1947, the Industrial Disputes Act placed the conciliation and adjudication machinery for thesettlement of industrial disputes on a permanent footing. 6 • 7. History of Trade UnionsThe Pakistan Period (1947-71)-The East Pakistan Trade Unions Act, 1965 was enacted repealing the Trade Unions Act, 1926.-The Labor Disputes Act, 1965 was enacted.-Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969 was enacted integrating the above two Acts.Bangladesh Period (1971-onwards)-Government of Bangladesh declared a labor policy in 1972.

The right to strike and collectivebargaining in the nationalized industries was prohibited for six months by Presidential order no. 55 inMay 1972.-In 1973, the right to strike and lockout, as granted by IRO, 1969 was withdrawn.-In 1974 Act completely suspended the democratic rights of workers by prohibiting trade unionactivities such as strikes, lock-outs, collective bargaining.-The military regime of 1975 imposed restrictions on the rights of collective bargaining.-The Industrial Relations (Amendment) Ordinance, 1977 liberalized the Rights of Freedom ofAssociation-The Labor Policy of 1980 restored the right to freedom of association to a considerable extent-In 1982 the military regime banned trade union activities, strikes, and right of freedom of association. 7 • 8. History of Trade Unions-Full trade union activities were restored by the democratic government in 1991.-In 2006, an updated, consolidated and unified version of labor laws was enacted.-During the Emergency in 2007-2008 that lasted for 23 months, trade unions and collective bargainingwere prohibited and the determination of collective bargaining agent could not be made.

-However, full trade union activities were restored by the democratic government in 2009. 8 • 9. LimitationsIn Bangladesh Trade Unions have a lot of unavoidable problems:1. Lack of consciousness: Trade union are not actually completely aware about employees legal rights and duties.2. Lack of Unity: In Bangladesh trade unions are separated for political influence.3. Lack of knowledge: The workers of Bangladesh don’t have enough knowledge about theirrights and duties.4. Political influence: In Bangladesh, trade unions work a part of political parties not as a freeright saving association.5. Division of trade union: Bangladesh is a country where every organization has more tradeunions in name only. The overall productivity got down. 9 • 10. Positive impacts• Trade union plays a major role in creating ideal working conditions.• Trade union always helps management to create better policies for workers.

• Trade unions negotiate for the standard wage and benefits with the management.• Trade union helps the management to increases the productivity as well as the profit.• Political influence’s existence makes the trade union not to interfere in management decisions.• Trade union is hugely helping the management to produce more and implementing management tactics. 10 • 11. Negative impacts• Trade Unions are creating a surplus of manpower but not of productivity.• Trade union of Bangladesh bargains more than they understand because of the limitations of their knowledge. If don’t consult then they strike.• Trade Unions have equal power of management then clashes are started.• In companies labors are awarded for good work and threatened for bad work. But if it’s punished then trade union interfere and don’t let to happen the punishment. So it increases crime of the labors.• Trade union leaders always try to save their interest first then the labor.• For the power of politics trade union always dishonor the management. 11

• 12. Present ScenarioCategories Total number of Number of unions Number of members unions/federations includedNational federation 32 1264 1,263,66Industrial federation 108 721 640,221Garments federation 15 80 50,14Basic union 5,242 – 2,069,61 12 • 13. Suggestions• Strengthening bilateral collective bargaining for solving problems quickly and effectively.• Multiplicity of trade union creates the rivals in a union. So it must be reduced.• Political involvement must be reduced.• Organization must support financially as trade unions support the worker.• Training programs under trade union should be helpful to develop the skills of the workers.• Trade union’s function should be increased and widened throughout the organization.• Union leader must be given importance and encourage the members.

• If trust between workers and management increases, productivity increases.• Management must help and guide trade unions to settle industrial clashes and crisis.• Trade unions always should demand reasonable thing to the management. 13 • 14. Conclusion-The industrial relation system is pre-dominantly confrontational in nature rather than cooperative inBangladesh.-Although in recent times the rate of unionization has increased in the RMG sector, trade union affiliationis low in Bangladesh compared to many other developing countries

.-The promotion of independent trade unions and collective bargaining can contribute to political andsocial stability and consequently create more favorable climate for foreign investment.-Trade unions have an important role to play in settling disputes between workers and management overwages by way of collective bargaining.-All the developing countries trade unions were influenced politically, but they used politics to create abetter solution.-Bangladesh should also start practicing like Japanese trade union which has a single union for singleenterprise. There is no conflict, no unfair means and no strikes in productivity and the growth of theoverall economy.

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