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Spiritual Leadership Essay

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In 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King quoted, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve all you need a heart full of Grace” Dr. Martin Luther King was a immense servant leader he lead a people out of bondage. Dr. Martin Luther King was like Moses while he brought his people out of the bondage from the hands of the Egyptians, he was still did not see his people enter the promise land. Dr. Martin Luther King like Moses did not see his people liberated from segregation.

In this essay, the author will discuss what themes significant for leadership, How Dr. Martin Luther King ministry applies to spiritual leadership, and finally how would the author apply the principles of spiritual his ministry. Themes significant for leadership The two themes that the author chose were servant leadership, identity and leadership. What does it mean to be a servant leader? According to Pettit (2008), Jesus was the servant leader that strives to impress his disciples. Jesus challenged the disciples to be different in the eyes of Jesus servant leadership is not a lifestyle it is the inner motivation of leaders.

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Jesus was not motivated with personal power he was motivated by doing the will of his father and the well-being of his people. Dr. King was the mirror of Jesus he served his people by marching for civil rights for African-Americans he did worry about himself because the welfare of his people was more important than his life. In 2008, Pettit states, “identity is a moving intersection of the inner and outer forces the believer to see the person he or she really are is the mystery of humanity. ”

Dr. King identity came from his experiences that shaped him to become the leader he was during the civil right era. Dr. King having to deal with colored only restrooms and having to sit in the back of the bus and restaurants fueled his passion for freedom during the civil rights era. Dr. King and Spiritual leadership . Dr. King’s primary role was to submit himself to God and his functional calling was to serve his neighbor and serve his society in stewardship. Dr. King was a faithful believer for the cause of African-Americans having the same rights as Caucasians in the United States.

Dr, King, and Jesus roles on earth were similar because both came to do God’s will and to bring salvation to people in society. Dr. King as a civil rights leader was a man with courage that cared for welfare of the African-American people. He did not allow the bondage of society to control his desire for African –Americans Dr. King set aside his own desires so that African-Americans could obtain the same rights in America.

Apply the principles of spiritual his ministry Reflecting on the years of pasturing I have used many times some of the principles that professor Pettit mentions that is outlined in the book. I have given of myself to teach God’s people helping them to reach the potential that God has predestine for their lives. I learned from others that mentored my ministry that has a leader it is my job to prepare people for ministry. When people think about ministry, we always picture someone in, the office of the five-fold ministry, but our goal is to prepare people for ministry in society.

Jesus said, “We were to go into the highways and byways to compel people to come to the kingdom” our job has spiritual leaders is to prepare a people for the spiritual warfare. Dr. King prepared African-Americans for spiritual warfare to gain freedoms to be able to set in the market place and not be judge by the color of their skin. I have in years as a pastor want people to gain knowledge not looking at their skin color, but looking at the believer as my sister and brother in the lord.

I have in the years of ministry have lead by example and not having the mind set to have a control spirit, which I have seen in many leaders over the years. I never wanted the people of God be in bondage with their money, time, because I have always cared for the growth of people and would sacrifice hours teaching the principles of the “word of God. ”

In conclusion, God has called all believers into leadership because each ministry is not the same. Some people have gifts and talents for ministry that I will never have, but God called each one of us to serve regardless of education, social economics to serve people.

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