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Philosophy of mechanism Essay

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Mechanism is the philosophical argument that every natural phenomenon (activity) has physical causes that explain it. Consequently, material subjects with whom natural phenomena can be defined in should have their reference subjects to the state of motion, laws as well as the matter that makes its subjects. The developments of mechanism were to eliminate various materials states of unobservable from the actual state of science.  ( Miller 2002)

Mechanists had the view that the nature of organisms was not far different from what composed the subtle machines like the machine that were composed of different arrangements of parts so that the internal system could adequate conduct its inbuilt program. Organisms were is possession of radically and substantially well organized and formulated system of regular conduction between their different parts. (Madell, 1998)

Elsewhere, materialism is the believe that matter is the only substance /thing whose existence can be proved without any philosophical doubt. They believe that the basic composition of things is material substance, which implies that such material interactions cause various phenomenological pursuits. ( Miller 2002)

Both the old (ancient) and the new (modern) sets of materialism have fundamentally close bargain of equality. Modern materialism is the believe that the matter can only be described after an adequate system of hypothesis which can adequately help to define the material substance for its proof ratification. ( Miller 2002) It is the belief that the finest description of material facts should be pursuit of physical process if not their physical redaction.

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On the other hand, the ancient (old) materialism was in the view of the physical characteristics of a substance to fully define its material hood. However, according to the ancient materialism, a hypothesis would not quantify in defining the scope of materiality unlike in the modern materialism were full hypothetical analysis should be used to describe the essence of materiality. However, the two proclaim the essence of fact that material of the matter is subject to undoubted presence in describing physical outlay of such substance. (Madell, 1998)


Madell, G. (1998) Mind and Materialism. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Miller, E (2002) Questions that Matter: An Invitation to philosophy,McGraw – Hill

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